Saturday, 23 April 2011

Furious Floral

  Evening girls! Sorry I haven't blogged recently, I've been a very social bunny this week. Fast & Furious 5 came out in the UK on Thursday, so I managed to see it yesterday. I loved it, so much. It was apparently going to be the last one, but (I won't ruin it & tell you) the ending suggests otherwise.. So good!

  So I managed to grab some sun after I finished work today & persuaded my mum to take some snaps.

Honey managed to sneak in one or two.. ; D

Playsuit & shoes - Primark

  I am in love with this playsuit. I've been trying to find an over-the-top girly one for ages. Now.. the slightly embarrassing part. I actually found this in the pyjama section of Primark, but it was way too cute to keep hidden away in my bedroom all Summer! So I'm wearing it as a casual day suit. I love all the floral details & ruffle around the collar.

  How is everyone's Easter weekend going? I am so excited about tomorrow. I finally get to eat chocolate! Yay! I do however have work over the next 3 days, so not feeling that whole holiday buzz at the moment. Work is dead too, everybody's out in the sunshine, can't say I blame them!

  I'm having a night in tonight with my family, just had a chinese & about to watch Britian's Got Talent. I don't think I've been in on a Saturday for over a month..? Mmm, time for a bath & pamper sesh I think. ; D


  1. very lovely!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  2. This is a gorgeous oufit! I can't believe you found this is the pyjama section! I definitely would be wearing it out too, its too cute! I love playsuits! Glad you thought Fast and Furious 5 was good, I have only seen the 3rd one but that was good! Hahah :D. Hope you had a good Easter!

  3. Thankyou Sabinna & David. :)

    Danielle: I know! I thought it might be in the wrong section when I found it, but it was on a model & everything so it confused me! You should definately see the other Fast & Furious'. There all amazing. :) Thankyou! Hope you had a good Easter too! xx

  4. what beautiful surroundings, and beautiful outfit! I'm currently obsessed with florals. YOu have such a fun girly style! :)

    House of Shoes

  5. Thankyouuu. :)

    I love floral too as you can see, haha. x


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