Friday, 24 June 2011

Mrs Whippy

Hey girls! How are you all?

I just wanted to show you this gorgeous bath bomb I got last week from Lush. It's called Mrs Whippy.

I was drawn to it because of the gorgeous colour & shape of the bomb, I love how it resembles the top of an ice cream. : )

This is what happened when I dropped it in the bath. It started to fizz & a lot of white foam came out of it. While it was fizzing around, it actually flipped over. You can see in the above right picture the bottom is a very gorgeous shade of pink that fizzed madly as soon as it got in the water.

It then split into two sections, the bottom was totally pink & the top layer was white. The pink was alot bubblier & continued to fizz around the bath while the white kind of stayed & bubbled on the spot.

This was the bath when the bomb had nearly completely dissolved. It turned the water a gorgeous pink / white colour. I actually love this bomb, it's the first time I've tried it but it left my skin feeling really soft & smooth.

Have you tried any Lush bombs that you'd recommend? : )


  1. oooo! So fun!! :) And in comment to your previous posts- I kind of like serena's outfit- it's just kind of a white romper. ANd I'm SO sad I missed that owl ring giveaway! Would have loved that. :) Thanks so much for following my blog.


  2. oh.. so nice post.)
    Love your blog.))

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  3. i have never tried these! but, now that you've mentioned it...someone did give me a shower bomb...i'm off to find it!

  4. Love bath bombs - haven't tried this one yet - looks so yummy though x

  5. Awww so cute! Isn't it the one that smells of Marshmallow?

  6. Wow, this looks amazing! I never really buy anything from lush because I can't go in the shops, so many smells merged into one! I love seeing people using them on blogs though, I'll have to summon up the courage to enter a shop sometime;)

  7. i love lush bath bombs they're gorgeous, i need to try this one next time! the one i usually get is called sakura, i love the smell :)

  8. I totally thought that was a cupcake! I guess I just have cupcakes on the mind, but that seems like some bath time fun :)

    xo katie elizabeth


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