Monday, 6 June 2011


Hello girls, how are you all?

My order finally arrived from H and M yesterday, so I got a new playsuit (I'll show you in an outfit post soon) 2 rings and a purple eyeshadow set. All for £12.12! (That includes delivery!) Yay.

So I haven't really got much to post about today. Just been working over the past few days and enjoying the Domino's offer - buy one get one free all week!

I also saw The Hangover 2 last week - so funny but exactly the same as the first one. Still good though. And my boyfriend came back from uni for the day on Friday for a visit, was so nice to see him and we spent the day sitting in the sunshine in the park, just having a huge catch up. I burnt my legs - they were bright red and are only just turning brown! Haha. We saw X men Friday night as well and I haven't seen any of the others except Wolverine but I loved it! Was soooo good. : )


Lorna, Emily and Me
Love this picture, it was taken at my friend's birthday meal a few weeks ago. My dress is from a shop that doesn't have a name (how silly is that!?) and my ring is from New Look. My fringe looks awful here, really need a haircut, hopefully I'll get round to it sometime this week. : )

Oh oh oh and there is still time to enter my giveaway! 

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