Friday, 7 October 2011

Barry M & MUA Haul

Hello lovelies. : )

Hope you're all ok. Thought I'd show you some more MUA products I picked up recently.

 I love this palette, you can obviously see from the name it's full of glitter eye shadows which I'm a massive fan of. : )

So many people have said this blusher is amazing, so I'm looking forward to trying it.

You probably remember the blue nail varnish from this post. I'm still wearing it from a week ago & it's only chipped a little. : ) These were all £1 each.

This is quite a weird lipstick. I fell in love with the colour when I saw it but when it goes on your lips, it's very watery & if you have cracked lips like mine, it does highlight these instead of covering them like some other lipsticks.

Now I LOVE this one. It's beautifully sutle & gorgeous to wear on any skin tone.

Now I'm going to do a proper post on both these next two nail varnishes from Barry M, but for now, here's a sample.


These are the new Barry M nail varnishes, called 'Foil Effects'. Priced at £3.99, they are a pound more expensive than the regular colours. I haven't tried these on my nails yet, but hoping to wear the silver to a party this weekend, so I'd dead excited about it. : D They actually look amazing.

 If you want to check out me rambling on about these products, I have posted a video about them too.

& I'm still having problems commenting on some of your blogs. (Of course it's some of my favorites this is happening too) so I'm really sorry but I am still reading your posts!

& FINALLLLLY! Have you checked out my sponsor page yet? If not.. DO IT NOW! ; D


  1. Love that blue polish !
    And my exam went great !

  2. Wow, everything here looks amazing! I'm so boring, I never really buy make-up! Those nail varnishes look amazing! I love Barry M!

  3. i'm always a sucker for lipstick. love that shade 4!!
    xo TJ

  4. Beautiful palette! can't wait to see a make-up look.

    I hope you will join my giveaway it's international! THE GIVEAWAY


  5. Great swatches! I don't own any MUA products, but hear wonderful things about them. :D I'm always on the hunt for new products to try.


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