Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Guest Posting - Katie

Morning ladies, welcome to my final guest blogger Katie! I absolutely love her blog & she is the sweetest girl you could ever ask to meet. We are so similar (if you read on you'll see I love almost everything she does!) Tea & JLS? This girl is just amazing. ; D


Hi guys! I was contacted a bit ago by Cat about doing a guest post on One Hand In My Pocket and I jumped at the chance! Cat is really amazing and I really appreciate her giving me the chance to guest post on her blog!

That’s me in the photo above, sorry it’s a rubbish photo! I used to be such a poser back in the MySpace days, but I can’t seem to get the hang of it anymore! My name is Katie and I blog at Fireworks. I set my blog up a little over a month ago after debating whether to create one for ages. I’m 21 and from Leeds, so I’m mega Yorkshire and proud! I work in retail, but I’m hoping to get some work experience in the Journalism field because that’s what I really want to do! In the summer I finished a Journalism course, which I got a triple Distinction (so chuffed!). I wasn’t sure what to do my post about, and after decided for a while, I decided to tell you a few of my favourite things, so you can get to know me a bit more!

My favourite people on this planet at the moment are the boys from One Direction. I’m a big 1D fan girl, and I sometimes act like I’m 14 again, back when Busted and McFly were huge! I’m glad they didn’t win the X Factor because it hasn’t done them any harm at all! Sometimes winners aren’t as successful as runners up anyway! I’ll buy anything 1D that I see whether it’s a book, poster or lanyard (I don’t know what I’ll use it for either!). My favourite is Harry, who tends to be everyone’s fave, but it’s the hair that’s so amazing! I defiantly recommend their album, Up All Night. It’s typical pop stuff, but if you love The Wanted, JLS and that type of music then you’ll love the album.

I love cups of tea, especially in winter when they warm you up! I love this mug as well, I love Disney and 101 Dalmatians is my favourite Disney film! A cup of tea always seems to cheer you up, and it’s nice to have a girly chat over a cuppa!

I love jewellery, I get it off my Mum! My Mum never goes a day without wearing a necklace, ear rings and bracelets, and that’s defiantly a trait I get from her! I love friendship bracelets, they’re so cute! I love the one with my name on, I got that on holiday this year!

I’ve been a Harry Potter fan since I was 7. It’s the most amazing book series ever and my entire childhood was about Harry Potter. The first film came out at the end of 2001, whilst I was in the first few months of high school, and its felt like I’ve grown up with Harry because every year Harry was in, in Hogwarts, has matched the year I was in high school. I’ve read all the books a million times and I never get bored of them!

I’m a bit of a Jack Wills fan! All the posh students seem to wear it and it’s quite expensive, but the quality is really good. I love getting the cute handbooks that they send you as well! I have a fair few Jack Wills stuff and I love adding things to my collection, sad I know!

So that’s a little about me and the things that I love! I’d like to thank Cat again for this amazing opportunity! Hope you like my post and feel free to check out my blog!


  1. I also love Harry Potter i was 5/6 years when the first film came out, i remeber it so clear. I loved it, of course!

  2. I love little bracelets like the ones you're wearing, I always layer them up :) your 101 Dalmatians mug is really cute haha :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  3. Thanks for the follow love!

    Your blog is so lovely - now following :)


  4. Aww thanks for you lovely comment, :) you have a lovely blog hereee!! MAJOR love for Happy Potter haaa xxx


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