Thursday, 29 December 2011

How To Jazz Up The LBD - Gold Theme

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know I've been posting about getting my hands on the perfect Christmas dress. This year however, I decided I probably have a ton of dresses that haven't ventured out of my wardrobe in ages or ever at all.. so after a bit of digging & modelling round the house, I decided to go for the simplest, best dress I own. The little black number.

You might be thinking "It's Christmas girl, you can't wear black!" Well don't you worry - I jazzed it up! & here's how..

1. I bought this dress from Clobber a couple of months ago. You're actually looking at the dress back to front, I wanted to show you the necklines. It's alot lower at the back than the front & manages to sit just above where the back of your bra would be. It's a skater dress & comes to just above my knee. It's such a flattering shape. I bought it in a size 10, which is my normal size, but it is quite tight around my middle, so I'd suggest definitely trying on the size above.

2. This is just a simple gold glitter belt I bought from Primark, for around £2 I think. The dress originally came with a plain black belt, but using any coloured belt on a simple black dress will instantly pull in your waist & draw attention to your figure.

3. This is the Metallic Cream Eyeshadow Collection 2000 have just released. I featured this colour & the Rock N Rose in a recent post. It is the most stunning gold colour, using this on your eyelids will attract alot of attention, mainly because of the gorgeous metallic effect. Use it with Maybelline's Cat's Eye Mascara for extra length & volume to your eyelashes for extra flirtiness. ; )

4. Let me say first of all *E.L.F haul coming soon* I made my first order of E.L.F cosmetics the other week & found this gorgeous nail varnish. It's actually a gold top coat, but I wore it just as glitter varnish for Christmas day. Unlike other nail varnishes that have either fine or large glitter specs, this one has a mixture. So beautiful. 

Remember, keep your hair simple. I wore my hair up in a high messy bun. Or you could try a side pony tail or plait, but make sure you don't hide the neckline by covering it up with your hair as this is one of the main elements of the outfit. Showing off your neck gives off a sutle sexiness.

I apologise there are no pictures of me actually wearing the dress, I was so ill this year, I stayed in my dress for the duration of our meal then changed into my pj's for comfort. Haha! So about 2 hours in total. Oh well, it did get some wear & my family gave me lots of compliments on it. : )

 If you want to catch up on what I've been doing recently, I posted a little update on Boxing Day. Thankyou to all my new followers for following, I'm sorry if I haven't been able to visit you back yet, I'm going to still be busy with Panto till early January. Lots of love to you all, I promise I'll get down to it once the New Year is here. What are you all planning for New Year? : )


  1. Love your LBD and all the accessories to go with! I love a good messy bun too although I'm not too good at doing them.. :p xx

  2. I love this dress and the gold accents add a really nice touch :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  3. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! Really appreciate it! :)

    I always love wearing a simple dress then jazzing it up with sparkles! :) you will look great!


  4. I love messy buns, I'm not brilliant at doing them on myself though ;-). Bet you looked gorgeous in this! xx

  5. Love this post-definetely a cool way to accesorise the dress! Loving the neckline + that Elf polish looks so cool too Xxx

  6. i LOVE the color of the elf nail polish and think that all these items go perfect to 'jazz' up that gorgeous black dress, great post!



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