Friday, 5 October 2012

Week In Photos #20

Chocolate orange hand wash! Smells amazing / NOTW #1 / Chocolate surprise / DOH face / Salad time! / OOTD / Melon balls, starter / Roast, main / Cheesecake, pudding / Most delicious cake ever / Phillip the pheasant returned / Tim did a show at work last weekend / NOTW #2 / Meal with Leia, Keiran & Pete / Slush puppy love.

I always look back at week in photos & I'm amazed how much food I photograph. Maybe that's because I eat alot, or just because I love taking pictures of food. I don't actually know..
It's Friday, yay! First day off in a week & back in tomorrow so I'm making the most of it today. Going to pick up Pete in a minute, think we're having a chilled day & watching Parent Trap. Such a good film.
What have you got planned for the weekend lovelies?


  1. ah that handwash looks amazing, I'd so want to eat that! :p x

  2. Thought that was an easter egg for a second there but then I realised that it's october :( christmas soon though! Yayyy :) x

  3. very cute photo collage and love the pretty photos with glittery nails xo
    would you like to follow each other?

    1. Thankyou hun :) I'll check out your blog now x

  4. Nice pics!


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