Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Week In Photos #23

Sleeeeepy animals / Turkey - growing so much! / Galaxy parcel / Champagne! / Pumpkins #1 / Pumpkins #2 / Potato hearts / Flowers for my mum / Primark nails / Fireworks #1 / Fireworks #2 / Dinnnnnner.

Oh my goodness, between work & sleeping, I haven't actually done much this past week!
Actually, I lie. I managed to carve my very first pumpkin (without the help of my Dad & only a little from Matt!) Can you guess which mine is?
Oh & I had an interview on Friday for a contracted position at work & I got it! So so so happy, so we bought champagne & celebrated Friday night. Going out with everyone to celebrate later this evening, after a night of dressing up at work. : )
& of course, you know it's a special day today, which means.. Honey has a new outfit to show you..
Happy Halloween!


  1. Amazing pics, especially the fireworks!

  2. aw all the pumpkins look good! I've never carved one myself! xx

    1. It's actually not that hard to do hun :) xx

  3. The potato hearts are so sweet and that galaxy parcel looks so yummy.
    Your blog is beautiful, following it right away!


  4. I got tripped out with your last photo and got confused (cos your hair is similar colour to your doggy's fur and I thought you were wearing the t-shirt instead!) Anyway, I'm going to guess you carved the middle pumpkin??

    1. HAHAHA we do have the same hair. ;)

      It is yes, the cute-non-scary one. :D xx


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