Thursday, 13 December 2012

Week In Photos #28

New addition to my hat collection / Jack Frost came to town / First ever Wagamamas / Dominos / Wine & a cosy night / My new cloud socks / Tea with Cathy who has now returned from uni for Christmas :) / NOTW / 'Get well soon' present. :D / My starter / Pete's starter / & pudding.

This week has been so full of ups & downs.
Panto has officially started at work from today! Looking forward to the run & Christmas will soon be here! I've only got 3 more presents to get then I'm done & the mass wrapping can commence.. Might have to hire an elf for the next week or so.. I hate wrapping presents. They always end up looking such a mess.. : ' D
I'm so ill as well. It's so frustrating - I can't stop sneezing & spluttering everywhere. Yes, customers love me.
Ah & make sure you check out my Christmas nail posts if you want some inspiration this week. : )
Hope you're all well lovelies!


  1. All the pictures of food are making me hungry! Lovely nails too xx


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