Friday, 21 December 2012

Week In Photos #29

Bakin' / Lauren's cupcakes / Lauren's cupcakes #2 / Puzzle / Yay! / Gorgeous present & card from Katie / Girls : D / I am now James' Queen / Rubbish that I carry around with me in my handbag..

Highlight of the week has to be our Christmas Curry night on Sunday. Lauren made way too much food as always. : ) Rice, chicken, cakes & chcolate pastries were all consumed that night, oh & Emily's delicious star biscuits too! Definately time to diet in the new year..
So it's officially Christmas day in 4 days! Ahhhhhh!
Who's excited? I've bought everything, now time to finish wrapping..


  1. aaww yay so exciting! I've yet to do any wrapping, I might start tonight =) xx

  2. cupcakes! they look so perfectly made that they look store bought! :D

    1. I know they were so lovely :) xx

  3. they look delicious!

  4. Aw those cupcakes are so cute <3

    Ellen xx


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