Monday, 5 August 2013

Ebay Lipstick Review - Star Pink & Melon

Recently, I've found myself becoming addicted to Ebay. I go through phases of loving it & hating it & at the moment, I love it. So when I saw these bargain lipsticks for £1.95 each, I couldn't resist.
I picked them up from this UK seller & they do such a range of colours, I'm surprised I controlled myself with just the two shades but having free postage means you can always try the product & purchase another if you liked it without paying out for the delivery again.

Top - Star Pink 038 / Bottom - Melon 020

It's quite hard to actually see the shade when you select it on the seller's page, only because there are so many to choose from & are all quite similar, the seller fails to give a clear swatch on most of the shades. Melon was actually more orangey / coral than I thought it was going to be but the Star Pink is pretty much true to the image.

Melon 020

Like I said, this shade is more orangey than I thought it would be, but it's actually gorgeous on the lips. I don't actually own any orange lipsticks, I usually either buy pinks or reds, but this one is a lovely addition to my collection to add some variety. Overall its beautifully pigmented & easy to apply.

Star Pink 038

This shade is gorgeous. It's quite a dark pink so I'm leaning towards wearing it more in the Autumn / Winter months, but regardless I love the pigmentation.

Top - Star Pink 038 / Bottom - Melon 020

Both shades however don't have the greatest staying power, especially when it comes down to eating & drinking, but overall I'm super happy with this find & for £1.95 each, you can't really complain.
Have you found anything on Ebay recently?


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