Thursday, 1 August 2013

Life At The Moment #45

Mum's beautiful flowers that make me sneeze / Converse nails / Hey cutie / OOTD / New bag from T K Max / Having lunch with James / Playsuit - my favourite / : ) / Clillin' / Felt very gothic / LOL / New shoes from Dotty P's / New lipstick / James' garden / He's cute / & he looks like a penguin / Yawn / Rediscovering my old head bands / New purchase / The dress everybody has / ASOS delivery! / Baby in her princess bed / NOTW / Puppy eyes / NOTW #2 / I feel like someone is watching me.. / Promotion our panto at work / Cat face watch : )

Quite a lot of photos in this one, sorrrrrry!
Today is actually the first day of my week off work, oh my gosh. I've actually realised it's been over a year (CRAZY) since I've had a week or more off.. & luckily the sun has come out again here in the UK to start my week. I've got a meal tonight with the girls & my Auntie is down for four days with us, so maybe a trip out on Saturday to our local fair but other than that, I can chill & relax for a week. : D
Also, James is home from Cornwall tonight. He's been on a boy's golf holiday for the past week (mostly been raining like it has here) but hopefully they'll get a good game in before they head home later.
How has your week been? : )


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