Saturday, 9 November 2013

Cotswold Wildlife Park

Hello lovelies,
I mentioned in my last Life At The Moment post that I went to visit James up in Gloucestershire a few weeks back. One of the days I was up there, we travelled to the Cotswold Wildlife Park about an hour away. It was such a lovely little place, with a huge range of animals & beautiful grounds.
Here are a few of my favourite snaps. : )

Have you visited the zoo recently? Which is your favourite animal?


  1. Red Panda's are awesome so I love your picture. The red pandas at our local Zoo (Detroit Zoo) had a two of babies a couple of months ago. We have zoo membership so we go a lot throughout the year, I know if we lived in walking distance i'd be going a lot more, love just watching the animals and taking photographs!

    1. Awwh that's fantastic babe, red pandas are adorable. <3

      I'd love to see some baby ones! xx


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