Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide For Your Four-Legged Best Friend

Morning lovelies!
Christmas for me is all about spoiling my family & if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter or even my blog for a while, you'll know I have two very special doggies in my life who are a massive part of our family. Firstly is a Lurcher called Harvey, who is our family dog & second is my own gorgeous baby girl, called Honey & she is a Mini Dachshund. We spoil them all year round (probably more than most pooches!) but at Christmas, we always like to get them something extra. I've put together a few items that I thought were adorable for our four legged family members, so here we go!
Mum has actually bought this & given it to Harvey already! I've posted a picture of him wearing it here. It is the most beautiful collar, hand-made & this particular design is especially for Greyhounds & Lurchers. If you know these breeds or have been in contact with them, you'll know they are serious walkers & slippery characters.. spotting a deer or a squirrel can result in serious pulling on the lead & having such small necks, it's easy for them to slither out of their collars.. This one is absolutely stunning, made from a strong material but covered in velvet for an extra soft Christmasy feel.
How adorable is this? I'm sure after a while, hearing Jingle Bells from this little chap would get slightly annoying, but as long as he only comes out at Christmas, I think we'll cope!
This just looks so comfy, I would sleep in this if I could fit! So perfect for Honey, but I'm sure Harvey would try to squeeze in as well..
Again, this one is for Honey. I like buying her cosy jumpers in the Winter, as she's only a small dog, she does tend to get extremely chilly very easily. We have a range of coats for her, some hand-made because of her size, but this one actually looks the perfect fit! 
A standard bone, but a classic. Definitely one for Harvey.. I doubt Honey could even drag this along.. 
Perfect for those Winter outings to see friends & family. We always take the dogs out on extendable leads when going for a 'proper' walk, but when visiting my grandparents, the special leads seem to make an appearance. This one is too cute not to buy!
Do you have any pets you buy for at Christmas? Would love to see some pictures! : )


  1. The reindeer jumper is adorable! I love buying jumpers for my cocker spaniel too, and I swear he loves them just as much! Haha! I've been after a nice festive one for s while, so you've inspired me with this one, so cute!

    Lucy x


  2. The Reindeer Jumper is soooo cute!!! :D


  3. Making me wish I had a dog even more aha! That reindeer jumper is so cute!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. Really cute guide. I am thinking about getting my kitties an extra special treat for Christmas.

    rae of love from berlin

  5. What a unique gift post I love it! My mom has two cats so I always get them something fun. Love your blog, I'm your newest follower :)

    Chowing Down by the Bay


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