Saturday, 6 December 2014

Life At The Moment #67

Hello lovelies,
Can't believe we're in December! Myself & Honey have been getting so excited for Christmas! She's been helping me deliver cards & presents this week, she's like my own little elf, so adorable.
A few weeks back, my best friend announced she was getting engaged after her boyfriend proposed in Rome! So exciting! The four of us have been friends since we started secondary school together in 2002 & she's the first of us to get engaged so we're all buzzing right now!
I went up to visit James at the end of last week & (forcefully) we went Christmas shopping. I'm so happy to say I'm nearly finished! With only two days off in December before Christmas, I don't have much time to go shopping. I love how festive & pretty all the shopping centres become at this time of year : )
Myself & James took a trip out to Bourton-On-The-Water last weekend for the day. I did a full post here so you can read all about our adventure, but it was such a beautiful place.
Monday was our 2 year anniversary. Because of me working & James being 3 hours away at uni, we couldn't see each other on the day, but had a lovely weekend celebrating regardless.
Like I mentioned before hand, our family is getting extremely excited for Christmas! Harvey has already started to get festive in his new Winter collar & I started decorating the house yesterday.. so it's starting to look a lot more Christmassy.
& finally on Thursday I met up with my girl Lorna in town for tea & cake & for a final bit of Christmas shopping. So pleased with everything I've got this year!

Have you put up your tree yet? Hopefully ours will be going up sooooon!


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