Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Hello lovelies,
I'd been eyeing up these small favours for a long time, but couldn't find the right occasion to buy them for, until now! I decided to order them for Valentines Day. Obviously, they don't have to be Valentine's gifts, you could make them for an anniversary, birthday or even a wedding gift!

If you haven't heard of Boomf, they are a UK company that print photos onto marshmallows. Sounds crazy right? But what better way to show someone you care by putting their face on a marshmallow..

They come in boxes of 9 & you can print any photo from an Instagram profile, a Facebook album or upload a photo from an external device to go on the marshmallow. They recommend Instagram because the marshmallows are square, so there's no need to edit the photo if it's already in the correct dimensions.

Oh & I also couldn't resist getting one for James too!

Fast & free delivery as well, what more could you want!
I asked the girls to send me some photos of them using them. So here's a few that I've had back so far! : )

Make sure you check out boomf.com for more details & how to order!


  1. No ways!! This is absolutely adorable! If we had this where I am I would probably buy this for every single person's birthday! :)


    1. I know it's such a unique gift! :D x

  2. This is probably the cutest gift idea ever! I'm definitely going to use it for my friend's birthday at the end of the month :-)

    Fadulous Blog

  3. I'd seen these before, and loved them! :) I can't wait to give them a go myself x


  4. Replies
    1. Yes definitely, my girls loved them! :) x

  5. Wow what a crazy idea, they look way too pretty to eat!! Haha I'll definitely be checking these out :) Thanks for sharing. x

    Amy | The Perks of Being Amy


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