Monday, 13 April 2015

Nails #21

Fearne Cotton - Lady Grey
This polish is so beautiful. I feel like I'm a mermaid when I'm wearing it. It's very long-lasting on the nails & you only need a few coats to achieve this shade. I find some polishes like this take about 200 coats to achieve a non-watery consistency, but like I say, you only need a few coats of this one.
Fearne Cotton - Burnt Out
Another gorgeous shade from Fearne Cotton's collection & slightly more out of my comfort zone. I do wear all different colours on my nails, but orange is one I struggle with. This one is simply stunning. I can't say no to a sparkly polish!
Barbara Daly - Purple
This one is a proper stable colour for work. Our colour scheme is purple with a black & white uniform, so this does perfectly for every day wear.
Primark - PS Love Fashion Nails
Now, these are my first ever false nails. Yup, that's right. I've never applied false nails before, I've always done my own nail art. I bought these well over a year ago from Primark (along with some bright pink sparkly ones..) & they've finally seen the light of day! All thanks to Easter. So there we go, my first ever 'fake' manicure. And I love them. I've written a full post on these nails which you can read here if you're interested : )
I also wrote a post about my Easter adventures, which you can read here if you like. Our first lambs were born & we ate the biggest chocolate log you can imagine! : )
Hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend!


  1. The Fearne ones look so cool, love the red ones! Abi :)

  2. Omg had no idea those easter nails were primark I thought and still do think they are absolutely adorable! I love the fearne cotton burnt out too orange is one of my favourite colours at the moment xxx

    1. I couldn't believe it when I saw them in Primark either! & Fearne always does the nicest shades :) xxxx

  3. Ive got a set of Fearne polishes too, they look so good on you ill have to dig them out! Loving the falsies, so cute!

    Lucy x

    1. Thankyou hun! Yes get them out for Spring! :) xxx

  4. The Fearne Cotton Lady Grey polish looks so gorgeous!

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

  5. Gorgeous nails! It's so hard to pick a favourite, I love them all hehe! The Easter bunny nails are too cute! El xxxx


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