Thursday, 5 November 2015

Life Lately #90

Hello lovelies,
A few weeks back I had my hair cut & highlighted. I had one of those nightmare trips to the hairdresser, where I came out & really didn't like the way the stylist had dyed my hair. I asked for balayage but I actually came out with a dip-dye with a few pieces of hair which were blonde towards my roots. My own fault I know for not saying at the time, but I came home & styled it myself & after a few tears & comforting from the girls, I realised it wasn't too bad, but still not what I'd asked for. Have you ever had a disappointing hair cut? It's the most gutting thing ever!
Shortly after Honey's birthday, I decided to have her spayed. She'd recently turned 6 & I never wanted to dismiss the idea of her having puppies, but it was the right time to get it done as she's 'middle-aged' now in doggy years. It was heart-breaking leaving her at the vets in the morning as she doesn't like strangers & gets very nervous about new surroundings, but all went well & she was back home later that day, wearing the cone of shame. (Up reference there!) After lots of cuddles & a good snooze, she was back to her normal happy self.
It was my mum's birthday on 22nd October & we had planned an afternoon tea at our local garden centre, but as Honey had had her operation the day before, neither of us wanted to leave her, so we stayed in & had breakfast together, which was equally as nice.
On the following Saturday, myself & James attended Rosie & Gareth's wedding in Gloucester. The ceremony was held at the local church, followed by the reception in the village hall, which was decorated with bunting & adorable glass jars with candles on the tables. It was such a lovely day & we can't thank Rosie & Gareth enough for letting us share their special day with them.
My girl Char was back from uni at the end of October, so we celebrated in the best way we could, with lots of food! I've mentioned the Giggling Squid many times on my blog, but it really is one of my favourite restaurants in our local town.
Ah Halloween! One of my favourite times of year! James was back for the week of half term, so we both traditionally carved our pumpkins on 30th. Can you guess which one is mine?
Also we were allowed to dress up for work the following day. I did James' & my own makeup & we found it great fun chatting (& scaring) all the customers. Of course, we had to have an opera & a ballet on that day so it was extremely busy!
That evening we went to see the local fireworks with Bo & Kieran. I absolutely love firework displays & although they are so expensive, it is tradition to go every year for us. This year, the display was to music which we thoroughly enjoyed. When we left the cricket grounds, it was so foggy, it seemed to happen while the display was going on. Perfect for Halloween night, as we had to walk back through a grave yard to get to the car park!
& I wanted to include these two new purchases that we bought for our dogs recently. Harvey got a new collar which was woodland themed & Honey has a new jumper for Christmas with Little Pudding written on it. She looks so cute wearing it round the house!
& finally yesterday I met up with my girl Ricka for pancakes at Bills restaurant. We had a lovely catch up & I was able to give her her birthday presents from the weekend.
How was October for you? Did you celebrate Halloween this year? : )


  1. Ah man I am sorry about your hair but it looks absolutely gorgeous! I always cut and do my own now as I can't trust hairdressers which is silly when they charge so much! xxx

    1. They really do charge a lot for just a trim nowadays! I always get myself so hyped up that it'll be amazing but it never is! :') xxx

  2. My first thought was, 'Ooh, new shiny hair. I like that' and then I read your comment. I totally understand where you're coming from. I asked for subtle, light brown highlights and they went so bright with one huge streak. Months on, I can say, it gets better! However, your friends are's lovely (even though it's not what you asked for!)

    Donna xx
    Polkadot Pink - a thrifty, life&style blog

    1. P.S. I'm now, finally, following :-)

    2. Awwh hun you're so sweet thankyou so much <3


  3. I understand what you mean about the hairdressers lovely. I'm sorry that your appointment didn't go as planned. Don't worry thought hun, your hair looks absolutely gorgeous! It really suits you and looks beautiful, I love it!

    I'm totally in love with your pumpkins, they are fab! I wish I could carve them as good as you hehe! Your Halloween makeup looks amazing too! I hope you had lots of fun dressing up :).

    I hope you're having a great weekend my dear :) El xx xx

    1. You are such a sweetie babe thankyou <3 Hope you're having a lovely weekend too xxxx


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