Thursday, 19 November 2015

Lush - Floating Island Bath Oil

Hello lovelies,
Myself & my friend Lorna went to the Oxford Street Lush back in September & picked up some exclusive products from the store. They have a range of bath oils which I believe you can only purchase from the store in London, so we couldn't help buying quite a few! The first one I tried was the Floating Island Bath Oil. 
It's a small dome shape, complete with a vanilla pod appearing out the top. It's not the most exciting or pretty bath oil Lush have designed, but I think it's quite cute, it was just very hard to find one that wasn't covered in other colours from the other bath oils it had been placed next too. I guess being cream, it would be hard to find one that was pristine.
We smelled all the bath oils extensively, but this one just screamed out to me as I love anything that's vanilla scented. A lot of people have compared the scent to the Floating Island Bath Melt, which technically is it's older sister.

This bath oil dissolves into the water to create a luxurious softness to your bath. I found this one took a long time to disintegrate, but I quite enjoy watching it in the bath as it swirls around in the water.
Of course you are left with the small vanilla pod at the top after the dome has melted (which I forgot about totally until I saw it at the bottom of my bath & thought it was a slug!) Slightly off-putting..

After my bath, my skin felt very soft & moisturized & quite greasy to touch. Usually I would hate this & feel like I'd need a shower to wash it off, but actually I found it quite comforting on my skin.

This bath oil retails for £2 & although I was impressed with it, I won't be rushing out to re-purchase it as I think there are a lot more exciting ones to try!
Have you tried any of the Lush Bath Oils from Oxford Street? : )


  1. Wow! The floating bath oil from Lush sounds amazing! I love bath products that leave my skin feel feeling soft and moisturized :). I've never visited the Oxford Street store before, I'll definitely have to go and check out all the exclusive products, it sounds fab! xxxx

    1. Definitely go if you get the chance babe, you'll love it in there! xxxx

  2. I love vanilla scent for bodycare it's amazing and I was intrigued how the bath oil bombs worked out as I don't have a bath to give it a try, but it sounds lovely- even the oil because winter is dry skin SOS hahah xxx

    1. Yes it was fantastic for my skin! Really felt better after using it xxx


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