Monday, 18 July 2016

Corfu! Part II

Hello lovelies!

If you're new to my blog or haven't stopped by for a while, make sure you head over to the first part of this post, as I'm continuing on from there!

Thursday 23rd June

Today we decided to explore Corfu by driving over to the far side of the island. We had a few issues with getting out of our local town as it's full of steep hills & turns. Our poor little "fun bus" failed to make it up two hills, which resulted in everyone having to get out & walk to the top to be scooped up as Allan whizzed past us all in first gear! It was pretty funny, nothing is ever boring with our adventures!

We stopped at a view point shortly after getting going again, it was the most stunning scene of the harbour.

We then headed to the most gorgeous beach. The sea was stunningly blue & you could walk so far out before you were out of your depth.

The boys played some ball games, while us girls chilled on the beach.

I was trying to capture all the little fish that were swimming around my feet, but unfortunately they didn't come out on my camera. There were hundreds of them!

After the beach, we headed home for a quick turn around before jumping on the ferry to Corfu Town. It was around an hours journey (we weren't travelling at great speed mind!) but we soon arrived late afternoon for a few drinks followed by dinner & explored the town.

There was a huge choice of restaurants but we went for a quiet one that looked over a park. I had chicken & chips for dinner & then we had a walk around the museum to photograph the sunset over the sea.

I tried to capture a photo of the birds that were swarming over our heads about to nest for the night, but I couldn't get a good photo (there will be a vlog coming soon, which has video footage of them all!) There was absolutely hundreds!

The ferry journey back was one of my favourite parts of the holiday. The sun was setting over the sea & we had romantic music playing out of the speakers. It was so beautiful.

Friday 24th June

We had another pool day today, complete with pool volley ball games!

I still say the girls won hands down! ; D

James & I took another trip down to our beach in the afternoon & we found another bright green lizard & some swallows nesting right by the rocks.

We finished the day with a BBQ, which included chicken skewers, beef burgers & sausages. Allan was the master of the BBQ!

Saturday 25th June

Today we decided to explore Old Perthia, which was full of adorable tavernas. There was one that was covered in beautiful flowers & had grape vines woven around the outside.

We stopped for a cold drink as it was around 33 degrees that day & after a quick explore round the old buildings, we headed to a view point for lunch.

After lunch, we headed back to the villa to relax before going out to dinner. We decided to go to a place called Dimitri's which looks out over Kalami. The restaurant provides a taxi to & from your villa, with a lovely local man called George.

When we heard a vehicle coming up the hill to collect us, we actually couldn't believe it was the taxi! It was a 'well-loved' green mini van with a beaming George behind the wheel. The whole way there & back he was chatting away to us & even taught James to say "I love you" in Greek, so he could wake up every morning & say it to me. So cute.

Once it got darker, the view was so beautiful. We could see all the villas lit up & even a fireworks display from a restaurant down on the bay.

Sunday 26th June

Our last day. : (

We had another pool day to soak up the last of the sunshine & headed to Nikolas Taverna in Agni for our evening meal. What was extra special about this restaurant is again, like the previous night, there was a taxi service, but this time by boat. They came & collected us from our beach & took us to the taverna. It was a short 5 minute journey, but it saved us walking up & down rocky tracks in the dark to get there!

The food was delicious, Alex & I had the special which was basically an English roast dinner with a side of potatoes!

We also caught sight of a super yacht which was anchored near the restaurant, wouldn't be amazing to own one of those?! The swallows also kept us company at dinner as they were nesting in the light above our table. We think they had chicks in there as we could here a lot of commotion when the adult birds landed!

Monday 27th June

Home time.

 I can't seriously believe we've been back nearly 3 weeks.. where does the time go!? I thought I'd leave you with a few pictures from our plane journey home. James managed to capture these shots out the window as we flew over Corfu.

I can't explain how amazing the island was, if you ever get a chance to go, do it. The locals are all so friendly & keen to help make your stay the best you can imagine & the beaches & views are just incredible. I really want to go back!

I hope you enjoyed these two instalments of my adventures to Corfu, I've loved looking back over the pictures & writing about what we did. Remember to check out part I if you haven't already! : )


  1. Amazing place, I wanna go.

    Kisses, DadieB. ~

  2. Fantastic pictures! You looked amazing and the food delicious.


  3. Aww Corfu looks so dreamy babe! Absolutely over the moon to see your gorgeous photo diary and know you had the most amazing time. You deserve it beaut! You and James make such a perfect couple and it's so nice to see you looking so happy, all the adorable! Pool volley sounds fab, and you can't beat a good old BBQ <3

    The sights are all so stunning and it looks as though you explored and made the most of your gorgeous stay to the max! So, so dreamy lovely! :)

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. Awwh babe your comments always make me smile so much, thankyou! <3 I really want to go back, it was so amazing xxxx

  4. What a gorgeous diary my dear! Your photos are so beautiful, Corfu looks wonderful! The views are breathtaking! You look stunning lovely and I adore your holiday outfits :) I'm so pleased that you had a great holiday :)

    El xxx

    1. Thankyou so much babe <3 I really want to go back! Have a serious case of holiday blues! xxxx


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