Friday, 22 July 2016

Life Lately #109

Hello lovelies!

Can you believe little Pushka is 4 months old!? Last weekend we took him for a walk in the fields around Gem's house & he's doing so well with his training. She's been taking him to puppy classes & he's been amazing off the lead. He gets so excited when he sees other dogs, all he wants to do is play! After our walk, we went to see Absolutely Fabulous at the cinema. Have you seen it? It's such a silly film. It did have funny moments, but the storyline was so rubbish! I won't be rushing to see it again if I'm honest. We went for dinner at Ask Italian (working for the local council, I get 30% off which is a bonus!) after the film & I'm currently obsessed with risotto. They do the nicest chicken & mushroom one, it just melts in your mouth!

Ah look what arrived this week! I ordered this little camera from Groupon a few weeks ago as a cheaper alternative to a GoPro. Obviously I wasn't expecting too much from it as it was literally a quarter of the price, but I'm looking forward to taking it on holiday with me next week. I'll write a review on it when I'm back.

My parents went to Yorkshire for a couple of days last week, so I was dog sitting while they were away. Harvey & Honey were so well behaved & it gave us an excuse to go out & enjoy the mostly cloudy but warm days. We walked for miles (I was trying to wear Harvey out as he hates mum being away & gets very anxious when she's not around) & it worked! I love this little pond that's near my house. We stopped here & watched the ducks swimming around while having a rest in the shade.

Look who was born this week! I feel like in every update post I announce someone has hatched, haha! This week it was our first peachick. We won't be able to tell for a while if this little one is male or female, but it's already become such a character. On it's first day in this world, it sat with me for an hour or so, just cuddled up. It ate some crumb & had it's first drink before going back under it's heat lamp. Hopefully it'll be joined by a few more chicks soon!

Now unless you've been living under a rock, you'll have heard that Pokémon Go hit the UK middle of last week. Of course, we all downloaded it (by we I mean our friendship group) Char & I worked 11 hours on Saturday & just across from us is a park which has lots of Pokestops & gyms in it, so we went for a stroll after our shift! We caught a few Pokémon, but it was mostly just nice walking around with the park on a warm evening getting some fresh air. I think we're going to try & do that now a lot more as we have late shifts together. I managed to head over to the park on Tuesday & took over my first gym! I've never been so excited. It lasted a whole 5 minutes mind.. but I was so proud!

On Sunday, the girls & I had a picnic in the park before work. It was so nice to have a catch up with them all (& eat all the remains from my BBQ a few weeks ago!) We also went shopping on Monday to Guildford. We sat & had lunch by the River Wey. It was so hot! Little Lily was looking so adorable in her hat & sunnies!

On Thursday I met up with Lorna for a bite to eat & a catch up. We don't get to meet up that often so it's lovely to see her when I can. The weather is so beautiful in the UK at the moment, it's been lovely to spend some time in the sun.

I'm actually off to Lanzarote with Cathy on Sunday! I have scheduled a post while we're away, but I'm going to be taking another break from social media as I found it so refreshing last month. Hope you're all well lovelies : )


  1. Omg he's the cutest little pup ever! & how cute is that little chick, so sweet! I've never walked so much since Pokemon Go ahah xx

    Tamz |

    1. Hahaha it's so addictive isn't it? & gets you out & about :) xx


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