Sunday, 23 October 2016

Halloween Wishlist

If you're like me & scroll through countless photos of people doing amazing Halloween makeup, then go to try it & massively fail.. then this one is for you! I'm not one for overly scary makeup either, so this would be perfect for a non-messy, cute look.

Ok, so how gorgeous is this? I have to say I'd never be brave enough to wear it over the top of just my bra (maybe with a black cami or crop top underneath) but it just looks so beautiful. Like I say, I tend to go for a more pretty approach when it comes to Halloween so I was immediately drawn to this.

Again, how cute?! You can never go wrong with a black dress, especially one covered in bats.

These just looked such good fun & perfect for someone who doesn't like to have everything on show. They remind me of those fun leggings Primark do at Christmas that are perfect for wearing around the house or you could jazz them up for a night out, with heels & a black crop top.

How cute is this little guy? As I mentioned in my Tips & Tricks For The Working Day post, I love to have unusual cups & bottles to drink out of as it encourages me to drink more throughout the day. This skeleton jar is only £3! Complete bargain.

Who else hates getting messy on Halloween? I always do my makeup & totally forget I've put it on & manage to get it all over my clothes! Luckily, New Look have designed this choker which is perfect for keeping those stains at bay!

& my final item is this purse. It's so adorable & perfect for that night out on the town to celebrate Halloween! I can't resist a bit of sparkle.

Do you celebrate Halloween? What are your plans this year? : )


  1. What a fab wishlist! I love the choker, it's so cute and just perfect for Halloween! It would look amazing on :-) The off the shoulder dress is stunning!

    I hope that you're having a nice week so far lovely :-)

    El xxxx

  2. I love those stick on face tattoos!! I wouldn't be brave enough to wear that bodysuit with just my bra either haha x

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

    1. Glad it's not just me babe :') xx

  3. I love the star print bodysuit - could look really great layered under something too!
    Amy xx

  4. I love the face stickers, I bought some yesterday from accessorise - these glittery gold and black ones their so nice and I'm going as a bunny ha cute not scary this year ha


    1. Awwh that sounds lovely babe, they are so nice x

  5. Great wishlist. I love the bodysuit. Gemma x


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