Monday, 31 October 2016

September & October Favourites

The Sidemen Book
Ok, this book makes me seriously happy. James & I are massive fans of The Sidemen, so when we heard there was a book coming out, I went straight onto Amazon to pre-order it. It arrived on 18th October & we haven't put it down since! Yeah, we are hard-core fans.. ; D

Elizavecca - Milky Piggy - Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask
I'm not going to write too much about this mask, as I've already written a full post reviewing it, but you can probably guess as it's in my favourites how much I love it. It's just such good fun to use & leaves my face feeling so soft & revitalised. Like I say, make sure you check out my full post about it (even if it's just to laugh at my moon face..)

Maybelline - Matte Maker
I needed a new powder to set my foundation & thought I would try this 'Matte Maker' from Maybelline. I wasn't expecting too much from it if I'm honest but I was seriously impressed. It's only £3.99 (from Superdrug) & lasts all day.

Ah Lush. Not just Lush, but Lush at this time of year! I'm loving everything in store at the moment. From the Autumn bath bombs, to the new sparkly Christmas bath melts, to the products they stock all year, everything is just so perfect. I recently picked up & reviewed the Pumpkin Bath Bomb & the Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb. Reviews of some of the new Christmas bath bombs will be coming soon!

Lists / Meal Planner
Who else loves a good list? I've been obsessed with this meal planner from The Works this month. James & I aren't the best when it comes to healthy eating & planning meals (mostly because of working shifts that stretch into the evening) so we find it hard to have a balanced diet & tend to just grab what ever we find in the cupboard. This planner allows us to sit down & actually discuss what we are eating & what food we need to get in for that week. It's been a life saver!

Essie - Ruffles & Feathers
This polish is one that I keep coming back too & I love using it as a base for nail art. It features in my recent nail art post, which will be coming soon!

Everyday Luxe - Pumpkin Spice
I'm so sorry I couldn't find the link to this candle. (more gutted that I can't seem to find where to buy a replacement for when I burn this one!) I bought it from TK Maxx last year & re-discovered it this Autumn & I can't get enough of the scent. It's so delicious. I keep popping into TK Maxx to see if they have had another one this year, but so far no luck.


Right at the end of August, Mum & I had afternoon tea at The Hickstead Hotel. It was lovely to spend the afternoon catching up with her, alongside endless supplies of tea, coffee & cake. I've written a full post about our day, which will be up very soon!

At the end of September, I decided to have my hair balayaged & cut. I've had it done before, but this time I went for less blonde tones & more brown, warmer tones. I couldn't be more happy with it.

Earlier this month, James took me to meet his giraffes at Chessington. I only posted about our trip to Longleat a few week ago, where I got to feed the giraffes there, but this was a special VIP experience, where we were taken to the giraffes house to feed them & have pictures for half an hour. It was so much fun & they are all so beautiful.

On 19th October, James & I travelled to Gloucester for his graduation. I seriously couldn't have been more proud!

Oh & finally, it was Mum's birthday on 22nd October & we had the most lovely weekend together. We had a family meal in the evening with my grandparents which was so nice, lots of wine was consumed!



  1. ooo, I love the sound of that Maybelline Marker powder, I'll have to give it a go. Great favourites!

    Ella xx

  2. I love the Meal Planner idea babe! It would be great to get one and put in my kitchen, I'll have to keep an eye out - thank you! 💜💫✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x ||

    1. You're welcome hun! it's so useful, I'd be lost without it x :)

  3. So many gorgeous September/October favourites babe! This post was the sweetest to read, it's always so lovely reading about what makes you happy as you truly deserve all the happiness! Totally agree that Lush is fab this time of year; I went into my local branch last week and was over the moon to see the cute little court jester bath bombs they had in orange and yellows and pinks! So pretty and cute. The brand are always good but I feel they definitely get more imaginative around this time of year. The Pumpkin bath bomb is just all the adorable too. So much love! The meal-planner you're using sounds so worthwhile. I really need to get into something like this as I always seem to fail at my healthy eating plans haha ;) Am eyeing up the gorgeous Pumpkin Spice candle too. Definitely the dreamiest scent anyone could ever conjure up <3

    Massive congrats to James for his graduation and so glad you had a lovely time for your Mum's birthday :) Ahh, and you just can't beat afternoon tea! Always a winner :) I hope your November is just as special gorgeous girlie! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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