Sunday, 12 March 2017

A Very Pink BooHoo Wishlist

Amelia Ribbed Choker V-Neck Jumper
I'm obsessed with jumpers! I have so so so many of them but I just can't stop buying them! This one has to be one of my favourites on BooHoo at the moment. I picked up the Sasha Oversized Jumper a few weeks ago & I've been wearing it most days, their jumpers are just the best. 

Ilia Soft Suedette A-Line Mini Skirt
I'm currently on the hunt for a suede skirt & this one looks just perfect. I love wearing this type of skirt with my knee high boots & a cute shirt tucked in.

Ava Velvet Floral Embroidered Cross Body Bag
Little bags & embroidery have been so popular this year & I'm loving how cute this one is. I'm guilty for taking way to much stuff with me where ever I go, so I'm thinking this would actually make me consider what I actually need on a day to day basis!

Brooke Boutique Faux Fur Hood Parka
Oh my days, now snug does this coat look? That fur hood sold it to me.

Penny Plunge Bodysuit
I absolutely love body suits. I'm a massive fan of tucking things into my jeans / skirts, so these just work so well for me. I don't actually own a pink one, so this would be a nice addition to my wardrobe.

Boutique Caia Lazer Cut Suedette Culottes
& I have to confess, I actually own these already. How beautiful are they though?! You can't really see from the image I've included on this wish list, but if you click on the link & see the detail at the bottom of the legs, I think you'll fall in love even more! These are my first pair of culottes & I've wanted some for the longest time. They are the softest, comfiest pair of bottoms I own & I can't wait for summer to wear them!

What Spring trends have you been loving this year? : )

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