Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Life Lately #127

Hi lovelies,

My friend Bo was in a play called Family Planning a few weeks back & Gail, Cathy, Elisa & I went to watch her perform. It was such a good little show! Bo's boyfriend Chris was actually performing alongside her, so it was lovely to see them both on stage!

Hasn't the UK had a mixture of weather recently? Luckily the majority has been beautiful sunshine, mixed in with a few cloudy days. I met my girl Ricka for tea at our local garden centre last weekend & we managed to sit outside in the sunshine for about a couple of hours, catching up on life. We actually got so warm!

I also managed to meet up with Cathy, Boop, Gem & baby Alice for lunch after seeing Ricka. We went to Sumners Ponds, which is the most wonderful place. They have a few animals, a lake where you can camp in the summer & outside seating, where you can watch the fishermen around the lake. We had a walk after lunch & visited the cows & most importantly, had a well over-due catch up!

Ah, so I've been looking forward to last Sunday since the end of last year when I booked the tickets as a surprise for James! We drove up to London to see Craig David at the SSE Arena. It was absolutely incredible! We stopped for dinner at Nandos before hand & drove back home after the show. I can't stress how amazing it was to see him live on stage, he is such a talented man.

How has your month been so far lovelies?


  1. Sumners Ponds sounds like such a lovely place, I'd love to visit! Oh my... I LOVE Craig David! I hope that you enjoyed the concert dear hehe.. I sooo have to see him soon! I think my favourite song is 'Fill Me In' :)

    I hope that you're well lovely and are having a nice week so far :)

    El xxxx

    1. Ah he performed that one girly it was amazing! <3

      Thankyou, you toooo xxxx


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