Sunday, 14 January 2018


Honestly, where has this past year gone?! 

I remember sitting down & writing my 26 blog post like it was yesterday, but in fact it was 365 days ago..

2017 was overall, a pretty good year. Let's start with the most life changing event..

Moving Out
I mentioned in last year's post James & I would hopefully be in a house by the time I'm writing this post this year & sure enough, we are now living together, in our own little flat! We moved in on 13th April, just before Easter, complete with all our furniture we'd had in storage for months. We started viewing some properties around the end of February & found our flat a few weeks later. We must have viewed around 5 flats before finding our current one & it couldn't have been in a better location. It's a 10 minute walk to work & town, while still being near friends & family. The only thing we aren't happy about is the parking. Unfortuntely, when we moved in we were told we would have 1 allocated parking space, with access to visitors spaces for our 2nd car. This was infact not the case as residents aren't permitted to use visitor spaces, which has resorted to us parking our 2nd car a few roads away. Not ideal when I'm finishing work at 8.30pm & have to walk in the dark. I tweeted a week or so ago that something extremely exciting had happened that day & our news was we found a new place to rent! James & I will be moving into a house, with 2 parking spaces, garden & 2nd bedroom in April! We are so excited & are counting down the days till we move. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love our little flat & will be extremely sad to move out, but we're definitely ready for a bit more space. 

So James has accomplished alot this year & I couldn't be more proud of him. Firstly, workwise; he started a new job in February at a local kennels & after a couple of months moved up to assistant manager, before starting a new job at the beginning of November as a kennel co-ordinator. He's absolutely loving the role & has a brilliant team of staff behind him. Secondly, we celebrated our 5 year anniversary at the beginning of December. We went to Kingston-Upon-Thames & had a 3-course dinner at the beautiful Warren House. I know we've been together a long time now, but we are still learning & growing together as a couple & it's so nice to know he's had my back this year, through the good times & the bad.

So as well as visiting Kingston for our anniversary, James & I went on holiday for 3 nights to Wales to visit his friend Tom & explore the local area. We stayed in Tenby, which was the most beauitful little town, with a few tourist shops & cafes, right next to the beach. I've honestly never felt so relaxed as I did walking along that beach. We also managed to go to The New Forest in September & we stayed in the cutest little lodge. We also visited Bournemouth & Poole while we were there & I fell in love with Bournemouth beach. I really think I have a thing for coastal destinations! & finally I went to Lanzarote with two of my best friends in August. I can't describe to you how amazing that holiday was. Sun, sea, food & my best girlies, what more can you ask for?

So many wonderful things happened this year; Gemma & Ollie welcomed baby Alice into the world, James & I went to see Craig David which was our first concert together, I went to Maria's hen do & then attended Allan & Maria's wedding, we watched the Sidemen Football Match in Charlton, I held my annual Summer BBQ, Connie the convertible came into my life, James & I visited the Harry Potter Studios, we went banger racing, I had my hair cut into a short bob, my Grandad celebrated his 90th birthday, I bought our first Christmas tree & decorated our flat for our first proper Christmas together & of course all the other amazing things I've mentioned above.

& that finally leads me on to my blog. We've had a few ups & downs this year.. it's the first time I've ever properly felt like blogging was a chore. When we moved in April, I found I just had no time for anything. My life literally became work, cleaning & visiting friends & family, with no time to actually sit down & type. I also didn't really want to. I found myself blogging just because I didn't want to break the habit. I also value my Life Lately posts so much as it means I can write posts like these & look back over the previous year, so I knew pushing myself to keep doing them would be worth it in the end. Over the last few months though, I've felt a bit more connected with my writing & hopefully that can progress over the next year.

So that's it lovelies, on Tuesday I turn 27 & I'm actually ok with that. Ask me again in 3 years time & I'll probably be running for the hills.. but for now.. did someone say chocolate cake & prosecco.. ;D

25 / 26

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