Friday, 6 May 2011

I Can Totally 100% Say..

  ..newspaper nails are not for me. I didn't realise how messy they are to do & my fingers stink of Tia Maria as it was the only alcohol I could find in the house, even after 10mins of scrubbing my hands they still smell. Urgh, I'm sooo not trying that again!

  Anyway, I managed to finally go swimming yesterday for the first time in ages, maybe since last year, with my best friend. We went quite late so it was lovely & quiet & we had a natter while being pulled around the rapids. (not proper swimming lengths - more like relaxing in bikinis!) We then went on to Tescos as a random trip & ended up buying jaffa cake cakes & strawberry cables. : )

  So while we were in Tescos, I managed to pick these two items up.

  The body butter was half price, so I think it was around £2.50 instead of £5 & the lipbalm was £1.99. My friend recommended the cocoa flavour & I love the smell of it. So gorgeous. I'll do a proper review on it when I've tried it for a week, to see if it actually makes any difference to my skin.

  Did anyone watch the final of Great British Hairdresser on Monday? I was so annoyed James didn't win. He so deserved it. >.<

  I also got a beautiful cardigan from a charity shop yesterday for £4.20, which I'm sure will be in my next outfit post. Right, I'm off to catch up on all your blogs & a bit of 90210. : )


  1. I love the smell of cocoa butter.

  2. That body butter looks lovely, I bet it smells gorgeous! I want to go swimming again soon! x

  3. I loooooove the smell of cocoa butter :) and I bet it's great for your lips too, but unfortunately my lips seem to get so irritated if I put anything but Carmex on them...strange. Love the name of your blog btw! x

    Just a Thought

  4. That looks yummy,warm and soo comforting! and, I LOVE 90210 too!

  5. I always buy products because of the smell, these look gorgeous! Would love to hear your review :).

  6. Tia Maria? That is so funny! It worked quite well for me with Vodka!


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