Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I Do Love Birthdays... I can steal the ribbon off the cake!

  Hahaha, how is everyone? I'm just catching up on 90210 from last night, sooo good at the moment, without spoiling it for those you who haven't see it yet, I feel so sorry for Silver, but I'm totally loving Naomi & Max's relationship, so cute. : )

  Alan Carr (my car, like his name? ;D) has his M.O.T later today, fingers crossed he'll pass. He's a very old car, but I do love him. I'll take a picture once I've given him a good scrub later.

  Oh yes, I'll also do my review on my Cocoa Butter moisturiser sometime this week, I've nearly used it all up! So nice.

  & a huge welcome to all my new followers! If you haven't entered my giveaway yet, why not!? Do it nowwww. : D


  1. Thank you !
    I love naomi&max too (:

  2. you look so gorgeous, cat!♥
    congrats on the followers :)

  3. You look lovely! Can't wait to catch up on 90210 tonight :)
    Teenage Daydreams

  4. You look very sweet.
    I love you call your car Alan Carr, hope he passes.

  5. Just found your blog (: I loveee it!. I'm totally addicted to 90210 too! Totally get what you mean about Naomi and Max too, they make such a cute couple(:


  6. You're so pretty and I love your blog background! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    xx christie


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