Saturday, 11 February 2012

Free Deer Ring?!

Yes.. that's right.. I got a free ring.. from a shop?!

Let me explain..

I went shopping with Cathy last Saturday & we popped into New Look. I was scanning the sale section when I saw this gorgeous ring, but it had no price tag or anything on it. I took it to the counter & asked how much it was, the girl took it to her manager & she didn't recongise it as one of their items so said I could have it for free. How awesome it that?!

I obviously had to have it, being a deer ring it was hard for me to resist. (If you read my blog you know deer are a huge part of my wardrobe, example here.)

So if any of you have this ring.. I'd be interested to know where you got it from & how much it was! Haha! : D


  1. how beautiful! and you're so lucky getting it for free xx

  2. oh my gosh! i am so jealous, that is like the perrrrfect ring! let me know if you figure out where it's from!

  3. Thankyou ladies. :D

    Will do Rach. :D xx

  4. ooh it even has a little crystal on it! I love how it's not too antlery (I'm scared of pokey things) :D

  5. Love it! I'm so jealous! :) xxx

  6. This rings gorgeous! So jealous!xxx


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