Friday, 3 February 2012

Nail Effects - Glitter Top Coat

Morning ladies, hope you're all well.

Carrying on from my previous post, here's another nail effect I love to use to brighten up any boring nail varnish.

Glitter Top Coat.

The glitter top coat I own is by Collection 2000. I think it was around £3-4. It is a very fine glitter varnish, unlike the ELF Golden Goddess (a gold glitter top coat) which has a range of fine & large glitter particles. I think I prefer the finer glitter - you can apply as many coats as you want & it gives you a gorgeous shimmery finish. The base coat I'm going to use is by Barry M - Strawberry Ice Cream.

Apply your base colour & let it dry completely. Then apply the glitter top coat. You can apply as many layers as you like, just make sure each time you apply the varnish, the previous layer has completely dried, otherwise it will clump together like glue on your nails. Not a good look!

What do you think? Have you tried this top coat? : )


  1. Oh wow I just love it and he barry m basecoat is so cute, I'm definitely going to get some strawberry ice cream in my life!

    1. It's such a gorgeous colour & perfect for Summer. :D xx

  2. I have the pink iridescent one from Barry M and love it! Definitely prefer fine glitter over chunky glitter xx

    1. Yeah it so sutle & sparkly! :) xx

  3. It looks great! Maybe I'm going to try it once:)


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