Monday, 17 September 2012

Week In Photos #18

Gemma's leaving shots / Chips at the pub / Promoting a show at work / Lunch in the sun / Pete's new T / NOTW / Cake #1 / Cake #2 / Newbury show ticket / Domino's / Sapphire has amazing eyes / OOTD / Hot chocs at work with the boys / Danny's leaving day #1 / Danny's leaving day #2.

Busy busy weeeeeek.
Sorry I haven't blogged much! I've just manically thrown these pics together before running off to meet Gemma in town, then going straight to work this evening.
How are you lovelies? Have you had good weekends?


  1. looks like you had a jampacked week! the cakes (esp number 2!) look so yum :D

  2. oh dear those shots look lethal! your work looks pretty fun though I must say :p xx


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