Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Week In Photos #19

Dinner - love a bit of chicken pie / New studded pumps (post here) / Topshop lipstick - Pillow Talk (post coming soon) / Brighton #1 / Brighton #2 / Brighton #3 / My parents celebrated their anniversary / NOTW / Transporting food home fail / Baby turkey! / Most delicious fudge ever / Lazy day.

This week has been full of adventures, work & lazy days.
I went to Brighton with Ross last week & got attacked. By a seagull. Honestly, it was terrifying. They usually just hover near or over you, but this one properly landed on my shoulder & stole my chips. Rude rude rude. : ' )
My Dad also brought 4 gorgeous baby turkeys home with him last weekend as the owner couldn't take them home from the show. They are so adorable & have grown so much in a week it's surreal. They feel so different to chicks as well, alot more wirey & weigh alot more!
Hope you're all well lovelies. : )


  1. love your nails :) Ah yes, Brighton seagulls are notorious, they always steal stuff and are mahoosive! xx

  2. mmm fudge sounds sooo good right now :)


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