Saturday, 1 September 2012

OOTD - Contrast


Dress - Unknown / Leggins - Primark / Necklace - All That Glitters / Nails - Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream & Collection 2000 Glitter Top Coat

Trust me to pick an outfit to show you & not know where the main piece is from. Sorry girls! : ' )
So I have a few little updates for you today.

First of all, I'd like to re-introduce you to my sponsor page. I haven't actually updated this since the beginning of the year (bad I know!) but I've finally got round to doing it. So, if you'd like to get involved with sponsoring for the next couple of months, you need to go to this page. Everything you need to know is on there & I'll repeat myself on here & say it is completely freeee! Yes, I know.. too amazing. : )

I also have a new button! Just over there to your right.. you see it? Yes, it has shoes on it. : ) I might make another one & swap a few of the old ones around, but for now, take your pick! --->

Right, I think that's it. I'm going to Cathy's tonight for wine, curry & face masks. Picture post to follow I'm sure. : ) Enjoy your weekend lovelies!


  1. Nice dress :D I'm liking the new blog button might put that one on my blog now! xx

  2. You look lovely! Thos leggins look kind of speckly, are they? Look like the perfect pair for me at the moment!

    1. They are yes. :)

      So comfy & really stretchy actually. :') xx


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