Sunday, 24 February 2013

Recent Nail Art

Hey lovelies. : )
If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you'll know I paint my nails alot. I love coming up with designs & themes, so I thought I'd put together some of my recent nails for you to see.

NYC Mint Macaroon & Models Own nail art pen in white

I love polka dot nails. There's something so simple & elegant about them & they are so easy to do. I love the pastel colours, especially as we're now heading into Spring, so I picked up this green the other day along with a clear top coat from NYC. I've never really looked at their shades before, they do some quite pretty ones.
No7 Me! Me! Me! Barbara Daly White & Models Own art pen in white & pink

Now obviously these were themed for Valentines day! The original plan for these nails were a red base coat & white polka dots, but sadly I found my faithful Barry M red had complete dried up & died over the Winter months, so pink it was. (Matched my toes, so I couldn't complain!) Again, I used polka dots as they are just too cute & a heart, for obvious Valentine reasoning!

Models Own Utopia & Primark glitter top coat

These are my current nails. I love Utopia, it has to be one of my absolute favourite nail varnishes I own. Any sort of glitter goes well as a top coat but it looks stunning by itself as well. The glitter top coat I'd forgotten I had.. I got it from Primark in a set of four for Christmas (I've thrown the box away & there isn't a name on the pot - sort it out Primark!) It's a gorgeous glitter though, made up of blue & pink sparkles. I can already tell it's going to be a pain to remove though..


  1. These are all so pretty, the top ones are my fav :)

    x x x

  2. The mint macaroon is such a sweet colour! I love the teeny tiny polka dots.


  3. The top one is my fave too! Also like the Primark glitter :)
    Rose x

  4. The top one is my favorite! Its such a lovely colour! - personal blogs.

  5. So cute, love the green and white dots! xx

  6. So cute! I love the green ones! xx

  7. this looks so good, I can never get my polka dots to look so regular! xx

    1. Models Own art pen is actually fab for doing them babe. :D xx

  8. so nice;) that first one is my favorite, so springy/summery inspired ;)X


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