Sunday, 7 April 2013

OOTD - April Flowers



Jumper - Romwe / Jeans - Primark / Nails - Pink Mirror & Models Own Juicy Jules

Now if we ignore the fact I seriously need a fringe trim, how awesome is this jumper?! I saw it a couple of weeks ago on Sammi's blog & fell in love. Your all probably sick of seeing & hearing me brag on about it, as it also featured on my Lush List & Instagram.. oops.. but it was such a bargain at £16 I couldn't resist.
James has been continuing his African adventures & so far this week has relocated some golden wildebeests, seen many different breeds of antelope (apparently they run funny!) woken up to a massive spider on his bedroom wall & managed to get a tan after a couple of days. Seriously jealous!
How are you all? It's beautifully sunny here in the UK today, but still freezing cold!
Hurry up Spring!


  1. ah, i do love that sweater! i have seen it many places!

    lindsey louise

  2. This jumper is really lovely! SO jealous of James' adventures, if you want a buddy to fly out and surprise him with, I will put myself forward for this role ;-) xx

  3. ahh the jumper looks fab on, deffo jealous! xx

  4. Love the jumper, it looks great on you!:)

  5. beautiful jumper;)X

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  7. Your jumper is so so pretty! xx


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