Sunday, 19 January 2014

Collection Eyeshadow Pencils

Hello lovelies!
You might remember a few months back I posted about the new Collection Eyeshadow Pencils. Well, my love affair with them has continued into the new year, especially with the shade Vintage Blush. I used it so much I was left holding a very sorry looking pencil, so decided a re-purchase was in order. I also picked up the shade Vanilla Sky while I was in Boots, after all, it would have been rude not too. ; )

I went out for dinner for my friend's birthday the other night & wore Vanilla Sky. It looked so beautiful & shimmery, perfect for an evening out.

Have you tried any of these shades? I think they are such good value for money.


  1. These look so pretty, I'd love to try them :)

    Ellen xx

  2. I love these, I have vanilla sky and hot chocolate. Might need to get the vintage blush one xx

    1. Ah they are so gorgeous aren't they :) xx

  3. really want to try these now! I'm a new blog, and if anyone would be love enough to check it out it would mean a lot☺️


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