Monday, 6 January 2014

New Year, New Start

Good afternoon lovelies..
 & Happy New Year!
I can't believe we're in 2014, how quick did 2013 go?! I can't believe how much I've neglected my blog over December as well.. work has been crazy. I had 4 days off in the whole of December, including Christmas Day & Boxing Day. Just been so manic.
Anyway, how have you guys been?
I guess I better start with a quick catch-up.
Apart from being a very busy month, December was actually one of my favourites from last year. On the 22nd, I went up to the o2 with Cathy to see JLS perform at their penultimate show in London. It was fantastic (& quite emotional to say the least!) I've never gotten over how down to earth & lovely they are, just makes me admire them all the more.
Panto left work yesterday & along with it all the crew & cast for another year. So sad to see them go, work feels so quiet & empty without them all.
James flew back from Africa on the 22nd & we got to celebrate Christmas, New Year & his birthday together. Sadly, we were one of those families that had no electricity or heating from the Monday to Friday over Christmas & then to make matters worse, we lost water for a day as well. As awful as that sounds, it just made Christmas even more special as we all came together as a family. On the upside, we got the most exciting present from James' Mum, tickets on the Eurostar to Paris! We wanted to go early December for our anniversary, but with Christmas expense we decided to delay it. All we need to do now is pay for the hotel. So excited : D
Oh & we've also jumped on the band wagon of dieting for the New Year. James returned to uni yesterday so it's pretty hard to motivate each other being so far apart, but we're determined to stick with it. We've both been using the app called My Fitness Pal, which so far has been amazing. It's got a database of over 3 million foods & it's so easy to record what you consume by simply scanning the barcode on the product. Have any of you used it? Or have any dieting tips?
So my lovelies, that's what's been happening with me!
Here's a few extra snaps from December. Hope you're all well : )
James & his cake / Birthday meal / Curry at the o2 / & pudding / Breakfast at Bills / Christmas trifle / Harv & our tree / Cathy & I / Tea & a mince pie with Gemma / Anniversary presents / Gorgeous boy / Pancakes! / Sausage roll / Latte / Christmas dress 2013


  1. Lovely post, I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year

  2. I love all your instagram food pics!! happy new year :)

    Rose xo


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