Saturday, 25 January 2014

My 23rd Birthday

Hello lovelies : )
Bit late on this post, but it was my 23rd birthday last week. I go a bit crazy on my birthday, I have to say. I seem to always manage to stretch it out over a 3 / 4 day period, which is always fun! This year it was a Thursday, so I had a meal with my tea ladies in our local old fashioned pub down the road from us. Our table was next to an open fire & the food is always so lovely there. I got some beautiful presents, but one I want to show you in particular is my gift from Emily. She drew Honey & Harvey for me! She's an artist for a living & a bloody good one I have to say! Please please please check out her website, her drawings are just fabulous.

Dress - ASOS
James travelled down late Thursday evening from uni, so he came & joined us girls for pudding before we headed home. We were planning ice skating on Friday, but the roads were so flooded round my house, we wouldn't have got very far, so we had a lazy day, watching films & then went out for a Chinese in the evening.
Saturday I spent the afternoon with my girls. We went to the restaurant Bills, for proper afternoon tea. Something I've never done but always wanted too. It was actually lovely. We had endless cups of tea & cakes, plus finger sandwiches & a cheeky scone at the end.
Dress - Primark via ASOS
Saturday night, we decided to hit the town. (This for me was exciting, as I hadn't actually been out out for over a year!) We went to Wabi, a local cocktail bar & then to the pub for a game of pool & drinks.
Dress - She Inside
Finally, Sunday was a chilled family day. We had a buffet lunch with my Grandparents & a cheeky glass of champagne on the side. They also bought me the most beautiful cake.
I had the most fantastic few days & I want to say thankyou to everyone who made each day special. You're all amazing.
Hope you're all well lovelies : )


  1. Happy Birthday! :) Sounds like you had an amazing time! <3

    Ellen xx


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