Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Nivea Lip Butter - Raspberry Rose

Afternoon lovelies! Hope you're all well.
I thought I'd show you one of my latest purchases, the Nivea Lip Butter. My mum actually got this in a set for Christmas & it just smelled so good I had to go out & buy my own!
First of all, the packaging. I love it, so simple & but very true to the product. The lip butter, as you'd expect has a very creamy texture & although it's light pink in pigmentation, it appears white / opaque on the lips.

I suffer from very dry lips all through out the year. Using a product like this as a base & top coat for a lipstick really does make a difference. I usually put it on before bed so it can soak in over night & then as a top coat over lipsticks in the daytime.

Even if your not a fan of this type of lip product, all you need to do is go & smell it & it'll win you over. Seriously. : )
What have you been wearing on your lips recently?


  1. This is very interesting!

  2. I got Nivea lip butter as a present on my last Christmas but I haven't tried it yet. After read your post I feel like I need to try it now hahaha. Anyway, I just found your blog and really like it! Would you like to follow each other to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks :) xx

    Kiss me Sunday

    1. Thankyou so much, you should definitely try them out! x

  3. I hadn't even heard of this product! Raspberries are my favourite fruit and have dry lips so I basically need this in my life. ;)

    Tara x


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