Friday, 7 March 2014

OOTD - Foxy Lady

Hat - Ebay / Smock fox dress - ASOS / Tights & belt - Primark / Converse - Schuh / Nails - Accessorize, Blackberry / Rings - Etsy & F. Hinds / Watch - F. Hinds / Lipstick - Star Pink
 Morning lovelies!
This was my outfit a few days ago when I went into town to meet the girls for a catchup & some pancakes! Can you believe it was actually sunny when I first started taking these photos, then the clouds came over. Gah hurry up Spring! Anyway, on to the outfit! I'm absolutely in love with this new smock dress I got from ASOS. I picked it up in the sale (I remember it being massive among bloggers a few months back) & I can easily see why. I do really like the over-sized smock look, but this one resembles a tent! I paired it with a old trusty Primark belt & converse to give it a chilled vibe. Also, I can't fail to mention my new hat. How adorable is this?! I managed to find one on Ebay, as none of the ones I'd previously found in any high street stores had been calling my name. I picked this one up for around £7 (that included postage) Such a bargain.
I went to a Customer Training Course yesterday up in London. You have no idea how scared & important I felt! Most of you know, I work in my local theatre / cinema & so the idea of the course was to get new ideas for up-selling & understanding customer behaviour. It was actually very interesting, & although I was so so so nervous (mainly about the course but also the travelling up there) I had the most lovely people around me that I was so grateful for. I'm actually excited to go into work today & try out the new ideas.. it must have been a good course eh? : )
& finally, lent has begun. It's totally snuck up on me this year, I haven't even thought about what to give up..
Have you given up anything?


  1. love the dress, the print is adorable :) The thought of doing a course like that would terrify me too but it's great that it went well for you! x

    1. Thankyou babe!

      I'm glad I did it though, once you get there & get into it, it isn't too bad xx :)

  2. Love the cute and unique print on your dress, it is utterly charming

  3. I'm on your page first time but I like it so much:) I watched few your lasts posts and I think you' re positive person and you have fantastic style:) So I follow you!:D

  4. Very cute outfit , love your hair xxx


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