Monday, 12 March 2012

Another 21st..

So this weekend I celebrated another 21st birthday, my best friend Boop's. : )

Myself & Cathy

Boop, Cathy & Myself

Cathy & Myself #2

Pete & Myself

Pete, Cathy & Myself

Boop, Myself, Gemma & Cathy

I bought my dress about 3 years ago from one of those shops that appears for about 6 months, then disappears! Everyone was asking where it was from & I had no idea.. Lol. My necklace is from Accessorize & my earrings are from Topshop.


Ah & another update, Lent is killing me. Seriously. I've seen so many clothes I want to buy & can't. It's complete torture. So tempted to break it..

& who else has heard this song by Nicki Minaj? Love it so much. : )

Speak to you soon guys. : )

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  1. you look gorgeous! love your necklace and earrings :) aw no, be strong!! heehee




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