Thursday, 1 March 2012

Week In Photos #2

Hello Kitty mug Gords bought me for Valentines / Current nails / Yummy garlic bread / Honey & Harvey drinking tea / Dad's birthday cards / Horse shoe necklace / Bathbomb from Emily / Peeling phone cover : ( / Sneaky mirror picture / Changing our current HUGE front door keys to smaller modern ones / 'Charming' by ELF lipstick melted in my pocket : ( / Seeing The Vow


Can't believe how quick February flew past! Insane.

I haven't done a post like this in ages, so thought it was time for one. I always take pointless pictures & need somewhere to post them. I really really want instagram. You ladies seem to take the most gorgeous snaps using that app. Well jel. ; )

Anyway, it's gorgeous & sunny today, so I'm off out with the dogs for our midday walk to make the most of this weather. : ) Hope you're all well lovelies.


  1. I love 'week in photos' posts :) instagram photos always look so good, I'd kinda like it too! aw boo about your lipstick melting in your pocket :(



  2. Beautiful photos!!! I love garlic bread!!! Following you!
    When you have a chance, I would love, if you can check my blog. xx

  3. Cannot believe it's March!! Your dogs drink tea? How British :) Enjoy the weather lovely, I went for a quick walk but otherwise having to enjoy it from inside the office :( xx

  4. Gah at the melting lipstick!


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