Friday, 16 March 2012

Forever Love By Next

Every girl remembers their first perfume, right?
Mine was from Avon, in a tiny white plastic-looking tube, about 3 cm high. My mum gave it to me to try when we went out for a family meal one night. I remember it being so strong that I had to wash it off half way through the night as I was convinced people could smell it from the other side of the room & were looking at me funny! After that night, I tended to stick to body sprays for a while..
I always thought perfumes were just for posh nights out. Up to a couple of years ago, I would wear my trusty Impulse Body Sprays during the day & then splash out on a perfume if I was going to a posh meal or event. (Which happened once every couple of months). Now, I have a perfume for the daytime & one for evening wear.
Of course, finding the perfect perfume isn't an easy task. I remember going with my best friend to Boots, trying every scent on a tester & getting her to sniff them all to chose her favourite. Obviously a completely pointless exercise as she chose totally different ones to me..
I wanted to show you my new favourite daily perfume. I got a gift card for Christmas to spend at Next. I've bought perfumes from them previously & it's a bit mix & match. For a day time perfume, I don't tend to spend a great amount, (as long as it smells nice, doesn't matter how cheap it is) & Next perfumes are very reasonably priced.
So, here's the one I chose. It's called Forever Love.

Obviously, it is the smell that matters the most, (nobody gets to see the bottle when your wearing it) but I won't pick up a bottle to sniff it unless it has a girly, pretty edge. I absolutely love this bottle. How cute is the little heart, bow & shape?! Adorable.
Anyway, like I said, the most important part about a perfume is the smell. On the box, this is how it is described:
"A romantic floral fragrance with fruity top notes leading to a pretty floral heart of rose petals & magnolia with a white musk & amber base."

It is such a gorgeous sweet scent & not over-powering at all. If you love floral, sweet scents, you'll adore it.

It only costs £10 from Next, (you can view it or order it online here) they also do a smaller size bottle, but this is the large, holding 75ml. I think the smaller one retails at £6.

Do you have a favourite perfume? & wear different ones for day & night?

* Please note - I didn't get asked or paid for to write this review.


  1. it's been years since i've bought perfume. i've been using up body sprays that i've received as gifts over the years. there are so many to choose from these days, but i do like a light floral/fruity/fresh scent. i will keep this in mind when my sprays run out!


  2. You sound like much more of a perfume expert than me! I have a shelf of ones that I've been bought for my birthday and Christmas (I wouldn't know where to start if I bought one for myself!) and I tend to just pick up the one closest to me at the time and throw it on for any old occasion ;-). I do the same with make-up! This is why I'm not a beauty blogger! Hahaha. This one looks gorgeous though, I have a lovely perfume from Next! xx

    1. Awwh babe, bet you have some lovely hidden treasures on your shelf. :D xx

  3. ooh the description sounds similar to the description of my daytime perfume too. I love floral fragrances with a mellow base :D

    1. They are so gorgeous aren't they? So effortlessly yummy. :D xx

  4. I LOVE Next perfumes, I get them all the time! I love how they're nice and cheap but smell so nice and the bottles are always so cute. I'm using 'Just Pink' at the moment, I always get a bottle for Christmas! It's so nice! And I love 'Flowers' too, I got that for Christmas last year! :) xxxx

    1. They are awesome aren't they. <3

      Such gorgeous smells & so cheap! You excited bout London babe? xxxxx


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