Thursday, 26 July 2012

Week In Photos #12

(awful photo editing, sorrrrrry!)
Harry the peacock / Fish & chips / Shorts from Tesco / Breakfast / Garlic bread / Buuurger / Lucky girl : ) / Harv using the chair as camouflage / Moo Moo's on the beach / OOTD (post coming soon) / Buuurger #2 / FOTD / Boop & her juice / Summer / Hello white legs / So beautiful at night / Dinner made by Pete / NOTW / Gorgeous new shoes / Yummiest cake / Gifts from Sheffield.

Just realised how often I take pictures of my food.. is that weird?!

So, it's safe to say Summer officially arrived in the UK this week. I managed to get my legs out in the park with the girls (& not get burnt) & again yesterday on the beach (& got totally burnt). Now they are the colour of lobsters. Yes, very very sore.

How cute are my nails? : D I stole this idea from Kim after seeing this post last week, so gorgeous & easy to do!

Ah & I also went to see Magic Mike yesterday. Oh my gosh, Channing Tatum is just amazing. If you haven't already, go & see this film.

Hope you all have fab weekends. : )


  1. Cool photos! I love photos of food haha don't know why :P x

    1. Me too! Makes me hungry looking at them though! x

  2. Hi Harry!! Hehe I love food photos.. almost as good as clothes ones (or maybe better) :P xx

    1. I'll tell Harry you said hi. ;)

      & very true babes! xx


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