Tuesday, 3 July 2012

NOTW #10

I got this polish free in Marie Claire magazine this month. It's a gorgeous dusty pink shade worth £9 (but you obviously get it for £3.70 - being the price of the magazine) I'm in love with it, seriously! It's so long lasting as well. I used three coats to achieve this shade, but after 6 days, I've only had one little chip out of my index finger.

Hope you're all well ladies, sorry this is such a short post, but I'm dashing around to get ready for work. Talk to you all soon! : )


  1. It's a gorgeous shade <3 I'm trying to resist buying so many magazines each month so sadly didn't get this! Thanks for the birthday wishes by the way! xxx

    1. Thankyou hun. :D

      I should really cut down on my magazine intake as well, usually my friends buy one & I buy the other & we swap. Saves a couple of pennies. :D

      You're welcome, did you have a good day? <3 xxx

  2. This colour is stunning, I want some! :)


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