Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Lefkas! Part II

Hello lovelies! Hope you're all well.

Here we go with part 2! If you haven't seen my Greece part 1 post, you can read that here : )

On Thursday, we headed to Egremni beach. It was so beautiful, there are no words to describe the colour of the sea. Well, as Julie kept shouting every time she saw it "LES YEUX!" It was a nightmare to get to though. 250 steep steps + hairpin bends to park on. Totally worth it though. You can see the boys chilling after a game of beach ball. : ) We also went for a meal in the evening which was lovely at one of our local Tavernas.

On Friday, we decided to hire our own boat & head out to sea. We visited all the places Steve suggested & had lunch at a beautiful Taverna. James was constantly in the sea - such a water baby!

On our final day, I did something I thought I'd never be brave enough to do.. I went parasailing! Oh my goodness. You can see I had to have a cocktail first to calm my nerves.. but I'm so glad I did it! Allan & Julie went up as well & here we are at the end all smiles! : ) They were also brave enough to do the chair ride, which wasn't my thing but look at them all waving!

& for our final night, we went to a Greek restaurant that promised the 'best Greek entertainment in town' which it certainly lived up too. Not only had I done parasailing that day, I was then pulled up with the girls to dance infront of a full restaurant. Oh my god, the embarrassment. I'm not sure if the wine helped or made me feel more sick.. hahaha.

& finally, a few random ones that I wanted to include. : )

I can't thank James' family enough for letting me come with them - it was such a fantastic holiday! : )

Make sure you check out part 1 if you enjoyed this post & prepare yourself for Greece OOTD's coming soon! : )

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