Friday, 29 May 2015

Life Lately #79

Hello lovelies,
I went to Specsavers last week to pick up my new glasses. Anyone else get a buzz from getting new specs? I did a full post on them here if you'd like a read.
My grandad went into hospital for a knee replacement last Tuesday (week & a half ago) & has had a few ups & downs. Although he's getting on well, the recovery period is taking a while. Honey has been keeping me company more than ever this week, which has been exactly what I've needed.
James came back from uni for his mum's birthday last Friday. We hadn't seen each other for nearly a month, so it was exciting to have him back. We were booked in to the Carey's Manor Hotel in the New Forest for the weekend, along with Valerie, Barrie & Alex (his mum, stepdad & brother) The hotel was stunning! Myself & James had chocolates waiting in our room, plus dressing gowns & complimentary slippers to wear to the spa. The spa consisted of a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam room & sauna. You can also pay to upgrade to the 'secret spa' which had another large pool plus themed showers. It was stunning.
With the amount of food on offer, I tried to be healthy where I could. This platter was delicious & had all my favourite fruits included. Our evening meals were slightly different, where we indulged in three course meals most nights!
The Saturday when we arrived, we went golfing. I'd never been before & although I wasn't playing, I managed to become in charge of driving the buggy, which was great fun! As exciting as watching the boys play was, I couldn't help but notice all the wildlife that live on a golf course. We saw a deer, buzzards, squirrels & woodpeckers.
Each evening we dressed up for dinner. I absolutely adore this dress from ASOS. I've had it for around 2 years now & find it's perfect for any fancy occasion.
Myself & James also went for a walk around the local village, looking for ponies! Unfortunately we didn't see any but found some quaint little tea rooms & pubs along the way.
How has your week been lovelies?


  1. Oh my gosh yes I love getting new glasses haha it feels so good I actually need to go for an eye test and am excited about the shopping part, The new forest hotel and spa sounds incredible I am glad you got to spend some lovely quality time hun xxx

  2. I love your little life updates. That dress is stunning on you, you look gorgeous!

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