Friday, 22 May 2015

My New Specs

Hello lovelies,
Last week I went to Specsavers for my yearly eye test & contact lense check up. Let me start by saying, I wear contact lenses most days, but I do love my glasses for those lazy days & especially as it's hayfever season, my eyes have been quite itchy recently.

I also go to these appointments with the intention of just updating my lenses not the frames (which is the expensive part..) but because I'm on the monthly contact lense program with Specsavers, I realised I get a discount on my frames, so actually it was worth me getting another pair as a backup.
My eye sight actually hadn't deteriorated that much (which is always nice to hear!) which meant I could still wear my old glasses without doing damage.
These frames retail at £69, but being on the contact lense scheme means I got them for £10! So I just had to pay for the anti-glare & scratch resistant coating, which brought the total to just under £50.
My previous pair are very similar to these, I wanted to have the same shape as the larger frames suit my face as opposed to small frameless glasses. However, I decided to go for a slight change in colour. These frames have a browny tinge to them where my previous pair were black. (you can see that in more detail in the image below)

They are very comfy & sit well on my nose. I find with some frames they are quite hard on the bridge of the nose, but these seem to fit me perfectly.
Specsavers also provide you with a free case & a small pot of lense cleaner & promise to amend any adjustments needed to the glasses at anytime.
Do you wear contacts or glasses?
Which do you prefer? : )
 *Please note - this post wasn't sponsored by Specsavers*


  1. They look amazing on you! xx

  2. I love it! Your new specs frame your face really well, and the dark rims make your eyes pop dramatically. I, for one, prefer glasses over contacts. They're just more comfortable and easy. Hahaha! In any way, thanks for sharing that, Cat! Stay gorgeous! :)

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes


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