Friday, 25 March 2011


  Hello girls. Today was my first day on Box Office at work, it was a training day but I still got paid for it! I was mostly answering the phones & booking tickets for shows. I'm so excited about starting properly. I've got another training day next Friday, then officially start on Saturday 2nd April. : )

  Yesterday was my Grandparents' 60th Wedding Anniversary. My nan was really excited about it, not only are we going out for a family meal tomorrow, (it's going to be really posh, think there's something like 6 courses!) but she got a card from the Queen! My nan loves the royal family, she actually looks like the Queen. She's got the whole white perm look going on. So when it arrived by special delivery yesterday, she was straight on the phone telling me, bless. Lots of champagne tomorrow I think.

  Anyway, I want to show you this gorgeous nail varnish my mum bought me, as a congratulations present for getting box office.

  I always moan about how useless some nail varnish brushes are. They are thin, sometimes get very clumpy & aren't very easy to spread evenly. Well, look at this brush:

  It's alot thicker than the usual nail varnish brush you get, making it simple & easy to paint the colour on with one stroke. Depending on how hard you press, you can use it to cover your entire thumb nail or your little finger. When you push down on the bristles, they space out, allowing you to cover more of your nail in one stroke.

  I'd describe the colour of this nail varnish as a pearl pink. (It actually matches my laptop - a pink Toshiba!) You can get it in other colours too, like this red. Superdrug are doing an offer on some Bourjois products at the moment, so check that out too. It dries amazingly fast as well. It is advertised as 50 seconds, I'd still give it another minute or so, but that is still amazingly quick for a nail varnish.

  As I mentioned about my granparents' anniversary meal tomorrow, this nail varnish will compliment my outfit perfectly. I'm going for a black dress with a white bow over one shoulder. This nail varnish allows me to add some attention to my nails without taking away any simplicity from my outfit. What do you think?


  1. Lovely nail colour.

  2. AWE! Well congratulations to your "nan" that's so exciting 60 years! I need to know their secret I want to be happily married for that long and LONGER:) cute nail polish of course:)


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