Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Oh Yeah - Happy!

Body warmer - Charity shop. Top - Primark. Shorts - Bay. Tights - Internationalle. Boots - New Look

  Summer seems like it's finally arriving & with it, sunny dog walks with my friends. I  just want to say a massive thank you to all of them! When my boyfriend & close friends from college went to uni, I felt totally lost. I hadn't been at my job that long, so didn't really have many close friends there.. till Leia & Darren came along! They listen to me moan, laugh (yes, I have popped Darren's ear drums before!) & are just generally there for me. So guys, I love youuu. : )

  I also met my friend's dog yesterday, he's called Houdini & is a Japanese Akita. (Like a white husky) He is sooo fluffy & has so much energy, but is absolutely gorgeous. We took him for a walk this morning & he was trying to chase everything that moved, bless.

  Right, enough sap. I'm in an awesome mood right now, my manager came up to me last night & offered me a promotion! (I'm calling it that because it's a more technical job than I do now, with more pay!) I'm so excited because i never thought he'd ask me! It's only two more days a week with my existing role, but that means I'll be working five days a week. (Not full time, but it's a start..) I nearly hugged him, I think he could tell because he backed away slightly when I started squeaking! Hahaha. I have work later tonight & he said he could start my training then. Yay!

  Hope you're all enjoying the sun! : )


  1. Congrats on the promotion! :D That rules. And thanks for the tip about Brighton, I'd love to visit as many places as possible while I'm in the UK, so Brighton is now on the list!

  2. Love the tights, are they blue or grey?
    CONGRATS on the promotion, it's always good to know your boss appreciates you.

  3. lovely dear, friends really are the best !

  4. Meg - Thankyouuu! Brighton is really nice, it has a beach & a pier & lots of hidden shops down back streets that are really beautiful. :)

    Helen - They are blue, but they look a really funny colour here. Some photos they turned out purpley. They only cost £1 in the sale though. Thankyou so much, I'm excited! :)

  5. thank you.
    and i must say, they really were delicious.

  6. congratulations on your promotion! don't you love it when life hands you little perks like that?



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